Runewaker Entertainment is an independent game developer dedicated to making great games. Founded in 2003, what started as a team of eight passionate gamers have since grown into a full sized studio. Runewaker titles have graced multiple platforms and have been enjoyed by players all over the world.

Since our humble beginnings, Runewaker has kept our lean and independent team-based development style. We love what we do, and strive to deliver the best gaming experience to you!


Make Great Games

Our mission is really that simple! Make great, engaging games that are a blast to play. We take pride in our craft and drop a dollop of love into each and every game.

Small and Agile

We pride ourselves in having a collection of small, independent teams that are passionate about the project they’re working on. We understand autonomous teams that believe in their product is the best way forward

Have Fun

We work best when we’re happy. In the business of making fun, having fun in the process pays troves of dividends. At Runewaker we enjoy our journey as much as the destination. HF = GG!.

Lessons Learned

Win some learn some! Every hiccup is just another lesson learnt. Although we’re a collection of teams, we’re full hive-mind mode when it comes to learning. We regularly share postmortems and stories.