The eternal struggle between light and dark comes to a boiling point. The invasion has begun. It is up to you to tip the balance in favor of good.


=== Tons of Heroes ===


Each hero is unique in skill and ability. Discover different synergies and construct the perfect team to save the world.


=== Tons of Gear ===


Deep equipment system with endless possibilities. A variety of options for you to craft the perfect weapon and armor to compliment your character build.


=== Rift and Advent ===


Conquer epic monsters and fight legendary bosses to obtain priceless loot! The harder the fight, the better the reward.


=== Arena ===


Prove yourself against your peers and fight for your place in the ladder. Who can assemble the mightiest team?


=== Guild War ===


Team up with your friends and conquer the world! Defend your guild’s honor while laying siege to other guilds who stand in your way.


=== No time? No problem! ===


Let your heroes adventure for you while offline! They will gain experience and loot while you are away.


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Lord of the Frozen Keep - Artis
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2020/02/05 Newbie Greeting Event
2020/02/05 Bundle Discount
20200121 Chinese New Year Events
20200115 Bundle Discount
20200108 Bundle Discount
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