Demon from the Depths - Kraxia

2019-08-05 11:01

【Event】World Boss - Demon from the Depths - Kraxia

【Period】2019/08/07 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2019/08/28 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8

【Location】Battlet>World Boss


World Boss Key. (Gain 1 every 2 hours, with capacity of 10.)


  • Boss rank will increased every time player defeats "Kraxia"

  • "Kraxia" difficulty increased by rank.


  • Highest Damage in Single Stage

  • Highest Accumulated Damage


  • Ranking Reward

  • Participation Reward


1. Medals will be reset a week later after World Boss Stage is closed.

2. World Boss Shop will be closed a week later after World Boss Stage is closed.


【Stage Intro】

  • Kraxia is immune to below status: 

    • 100% Immune to:

      • Stun

      • Freeze

      • Shock

      • Blind

      • Silence

      • Pull

    • ​50% Immune to:

      • ​Critical Hit (2019/08/06 added)

  • Kraxia will inflice Frost with low chance which reduces players' attack and move speed. 

  • With Knight in your team will reduce the damage taken from Snake of the Abyss.

  • Kraxia will prevent heroes' from casting skills when the Hero's HP is below certain level.  

  • Kraxia's Priest can't be harmed, but will be effexted by the debuffs. 

  • The Priest will add a layer of "Mark of the Snake"on the heroes when with Blind/Daze/Silence debuff. "Mark of the Snake" will incease heroes' ATK; make the players immuned to Kraxia's Crowd Control effect and decrease the damage from Kraxia's specific skills. 


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