Last Valiant Launched!


Last Valiant is now available in English, globally! After years of development and months of testing, Last Valiant is ready for the world. Get ready for an action filled adventure with dazzling effects and loot to collect around every corner.


A massive amount of heroes awaits you, each with a unique skill set. While some are traditional in their roles, many blur the lines between classes. It is up to you to find the perfect combination. You also have the ability to learn skills from different heroes, creating a hero that is distinctively yours.


Weapons and armor are crucial to any adventurer. In Last Valiant, you have the ability to alter and tune each piece of equipment to fit your hero. Maximize for attack, defense or support, it is all up to you! Endless combinations mean no two heroes are the same.


Epic monsters and legendary bosses are invading the land, and they bring with them more epic loot! Take down the threats and obtain even more powerful equipment. Along with the Arena and Guild War, there will always be plenty to do.


If you have a busy schedule, we’ve got you covered! An offline feature allows you to gain experience, gold, and loot while away from the game. Never fall behind other players as you fight for your place on the ladder.


Join thousands of players from around the world and jump in the world of Niverna today.