20190904 Pick Up Summon

【Event】 2019/09/04 Pick Up Summon

【Period】 2019/09/04 (Wed) 16:00 - 2019/09/18 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8


【Location】 Summon>Pick Up Summon



  • SSR Heroes: Rex, Orcus, Lulu, and Claire 

  • SSR Rate: 3%

【Hero Details】

  • Lulu

    • Class: Berserker

      • Normal Attack:

        • Mystery Fragment: Inflict 100%/145%/210%/305%/445% ATK damage to enemies in front of you with 10% chance to summon fragment wave, inflicting 140%/203%/294%/427%/623% ATK damage to enemies in range. If the fragment wave is a Critical Hit, inflict Fragmentation (Inflict Knockback, -3% Critical Damage, and -10% Critical Resist) for 5 seconds. Can stack 5 times.

      • Skills: 

        • Flower Magic: Spin in place, then charge the furthest enemy, inflicting 300%/435%/630%/915%/1335% ATK damage, Knockback, and +1 second to all cooldowns to enemies in range. Also summon multiple tornadoes, upon hit, inflict Root and 180%/261%/378%/549%/801% ATK damage every second for 3 seconds to enemy. Return to nearest ally after charge.

        • Colorful Birds: Conjure colorful birds. Green birds grant 100%/125%/155%/195%/245% ATK Heal and +10% Evade for 5 seconds to allies hit. Can stack 3 times. Red birds inflict 340%/493%/714%/1037%/1513% ATK damage and -0.5 mana to enemies hit. Blue birds inflict 100%/145%/210%/305%/445% ATK damage and -10% Accuracy for 5 seconds to enemies hit. Can stack 3 times.

        • Split Magic: Summon clones to attack the enemy, each hit inflicts N% ATK damage and Daze for 1 second. Also 50% chance to inflict -30% Mana Regeneration for 5 seconds. Last hit also inflicts knockback.

      • Passive Skills:

        • Escapist: When HP is below 30%, remove all debuffs and gain +30% Critical Rate for 5 seconds. Can occur once every 20/18/16/14/12 seconds.

  • Claire

    • Class: Mage

      • Normal Attack:

        • Tarot: Throw a tarot card, inflicting 100%/145%/210%/305%/445% ATK damage to enemy hit, with 10% chance to cause an explosion and surround enemy with tarot cards. Each card inflicts 140%/203%/294%/427%/623% ATK damage to enemies hit with 30% chance to inflict Charm (Cannot use skills and -50% Accuracy) for 3 seconds.

      • Skills:

        • Magic Orbs: Fire multiple orbs at enemy, each hit inflicts 80%/116%/168%/244%/356% ATK damage to enemies in range with 20% chance to inflict Paralyze for 2 seconds. Enemies hit with orb have 20%/22%/24%/27%/30% chance to transfer 0.5 - 1.5 mana to a random allies. Each ally can only receive 0.5 mana every second.

        • Soul Prophecy: Allies gain Damage Shield for 5 seconds. When attacked, inflict 200%/290%/420%/610%/890% ATK damage to enemy, with 30% chance to inflict Exploding Burn (140%/203%/294%/427%/623% ATK damage every second) for 3 seconds. Each Exploding Burn hit has 20% chance to cause an explosion, inflicting 140%/203%/294%/427%/623% ATK damage and +20% Damage Taken for 3 seconds to enemies in range. Shield also removes all debuffs every second.

        • Destroying Star: Summon a Destroying Star for 3 seconds. Every 0.3 seconds attack a random enemy, inflicting 970%/1407%/2037%/2959%/4317% ATK damage with 50% to inflict Daze for 1 second. Star explodes after 3 seconds, inflicting 810%/1175%/1701%/2471%/3605% ATK damage, cannot Critical Hit and cannot be Healed for 5 seconds to enemies in range.

      • Passive Skill:

        • Soul Blessing: After 5 seconds, every 30/28/26/23/20 seconds, grant Soul Blessing on weakest ally for 15 seconds. If ally's HP is reduced to 0, ally defies death and gain 50% HP Heal immediately.


  • New Heroes will be available in the general Hero Summon Pool 3 months later after the Event ends. 


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