Tap to the Stars

Addictive galactic incremental tap goodness avaliable on the App Store and Google Play today!

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN - September, 2016 — We are pleased to announce our incremental space shooter CosmoTap is a-go! Brace yourselves for some pew-pew action as you soar through the galaxy in your vessel and wreak havoc through enemy territory.



This is Mission Control, I have you on my scanner. Be advised, bogies inbound! I detect your Tap Blasters operational, clear a way for our armada!

Vanquish foes, collect resources, and defeat alien factions with your customizable arsenal. Tens of thousands of enemies await your justice, explore the depths of space as your journey takes you from one exotic sector to another. Compete or cooperate with friends to upgrade your ship and venture beyond what is humanly capable.