Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms

Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms

Fight your way through the epic story of The Three Kingdoms, filled with drama, intrigue and excitement.




Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms 

         Luna Storia Three Kingdoms is a match three puzzle role playing game, where you assemble a team of generals and take part in historic battles.  Through a Parallel Dimension, we have been transported into The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Our presence alone might create rifts in the past which could have dire consequences. Any action we take could cause a butterfly effect and disrupt reality as we know it so we must be careful to not alter the course of history. This will prove tricky as we must also find our way back home alive.

Passionately presented Three Kingdoms story

Based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the story has gone through as few modifications as possible, so the players can fully appreciate this grand story.

Reunion of legendary generals

Great heroes dominated different eras of history. In Luna Storia Three Kingdoms, you can assemble all the great generals together into one team.

Intriguing orb activation system

With simple controls, players can quickly learn the game, while mastering the game will be a fun challenge.

Super adorable design and dialogue

Bring cuteness to a very serious story. History becomes irresistibly charming, coming to life as it unfolds before you.

Gear Upgrading and Enchantments

Highly customizable Gear system gives you the freedom to craft a perfect set of gear for your generals. Let your heroes stand out from the pack!

Offline mode

For those who do not have a lot of free time, Luna Storia Three Kingdoms offers an offline mode, where your heroes can gain experience while collecting loot for you when you are away from the game.