Neko Ninja

Rush ahead, Neko Ninja! Step into your adventure!




Rush ahead, Neko Ninja! Step into your adventure and astonish the enemies with your lightning quick reflexes and a cute watermelon wig!

∎ Adorable kitten and puppy characters blended into a classic Japanese scenery to brings you a unique visual feast.
∎ Simple controls that everyone can easily get started. Train your reaction speed which is suitable for players in all ages.
∎ Various stages bring you different excitement.
∎ Create high score in ranking to compete with your friends and people around the world.
∎ Unlock cute characters to strengthen Neko Ninja team for further adventure.
∎ Defeat puppy enemies to unlock them in the collection book. Defeating more enemies will bring extra bonuses.

∎ Draw the corresponding runes to defeat enemies.
∎ Defeat the Boss as soon as possible to cease the hordes.
∎ Cast special skills with scrolls.
∎ Find interactive items and gain extra scores.
∎ Unlock more characters and stages for advanced challenges.

Timmy is a shy little boy with a tanned and chubby look. Timmy grew up with his lovely pet cat "Micchan"and they are the best pal ever!

Mommy asked Timmy goes to school on his own since he becomes an elementary student. He never knew it could be so challenging walking to school.

On the way to school, there are several big dogs hovering along the street. "Argh!..It's them again!! Why they're staring at me?! Oh, no!...I can't change my route to school now..."

Thank god Timmy has his spectacular imagination which gives him courage to stand against fears. "Micchan, please grant me strength!"

"Hey hey! Here comes Neko Ninja! I'm scared of nothing! Let's start our adventure!