Chrono Astrea

On the Day of Perdition, an assassination was attempted on the Archkeeper of Light by five pagans. A battle for the ages took place, and evil was defeated. With their corrupt ambitions crushed, they were banished to the ends of the world.

Solution to "Retrieving Data" Problem Events


Some Summoners encounter Login problem where the game stuck when retrieving data.
The team is looking into the problem now, before the problem is fixed for good, please try below steps as a temporary solution. 

Reminder: Please make sure to memorize your UID before clear date/re-install the game. 

Android Users: 
Solution 1:
- Update your "Play Games" to the latest version.
Solution 2: 
  1. Unbind account from cloud service
  2. Clear Game Data stored in the Device: Setting >App>Chrono Astrea>Clear Data 
  3. Go Setting > Google > Setting for Google Apps > Connnected apps, Find Chrono Astrea > Disconnect
  4. Launch the game and login with your UID


iOS users: 

  1. Unbind account from cloud service and delete data
  2. Delete and Re-install the game
  3. Launch the game and login with your UID