Chrono Astrea

On the Day of Perdition, an assassination was attempted on the Archkeeper of Light by five pagans. A battle for the ages took place, and evil was defeated. With their corrupt ambitions crushed, they were banished to the ends of the world.

2022/03/31 Events Events


【Event Title】2022/03/31 Focus Summon (Freya)

【Event Period】2022/03/31 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2022/04/14 (Thu) Before Maintenance

【Location】Hero Summon > Focus Summon

【Event Content】

  • Summon Cost: (Only available with 10x Summon)
    • Diamond x1000 or
    • Summon Scroll x10
  • SSR Hero List:  
    • Freya
  • Summon Bonus:  
    • SSR Hero summoned from the pool will guarantee to be Freya.
    • The pool will be closed as soon as Freya is summoned.

【Event Title】Labyrinth - Mysterious Boss Invasion - Tiamat

【Event Period】Available from 2022/03/31 (Thu) After Maintenance 


【Event Content】

  • Players has chance to encounter "Mutsuki", "Elienne", "Lailah", "Joan", and "Tiamat" in the Labyrinth in each floor. 
  • Completing each battle in Labyrinth will get "Felcoin".
  • Defeating "Tiamat" has chance to get more Labyrinth or the Tiamat Shard.
  • Felcoin can purchase Joan Shard, Elder Regalia Lucky Box and other items in Labyrinth Shop 

【Elienne Info】(As Hero)

    • Element: Water
    • Class: Defender
      • Standard Attack: 
        • Stab: Inflict 69% damage to enemies in range.
      • Swift Skill: 
        • Deep Sea Guardian: Inflict 230% damage to nearest enemy. Also grant Sacrifice (Absorb all allies damage) for 7 seconds and Shield (Block 339% Defense damage) for 10 seconds to self. 
      • Might Skill: 
        • Frost Form: Inflict 402% damage to 1 random enemy and grant Ice Ward to self for 8 seconds. When attacked, Ice Ward inflicts Frost (Decrease 21.1% Mana Regeneration and 21.1% Attack Speed) for 6 seconds to attacker. 
      • Ultimate Skill: 
        • Sea King's Wrath: Inflict 719% damage to 2 random enemies and increase 24% Health for 20 seconds to self and 3 allies. (Priority: Lowest Defense)
      • Leader Ability:
        • Tough: Increase 6.8% Defense to all allies.

【Event Title】2022/03/31 Limited Merchant Update

【Event Period】2022/03/31 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2022/04/07 (Thu) Before Maintenance


Value Summon Package

  • Price: USD 49
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 1 
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x1600
    2. Summon Scroll x60
    3. Sunstone x40K


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