Chrono Astrea

On the Day of Perdition, an assassination was attempted on the Archkeeper of Light by five pagans. A battle for the ages took place, and evil was defeated. With their corrupt ambitions crushed, they were banished to the ends of the world.

2022/12/15 Events (New Hero: Ceola) Events


【Event Title】2022/12/15 Pick Up Summon (Ceola)

【Event Period】2022/12/15 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2022/12/29 (Thu) Before Maintenance

【Location】Hero Summon > Pick Up Summon

【Event Content】

  • Summon Cost: (Only available with 10x Summon)
    • Diamond x1000 or
    • Ultra Summon Scroll x10
  • Summon Bonus: 
    • Guarantee boosted Hero on 6th consecutive 10x Summon if hero was not summoned in previous 5 times.
  • SSR Hero List:  

    • Ceola (Boosted Hero)
    • Lamia
    • Naedine
    • Rahdni
    • Scylla
    • Yevia
    • Alethea
    • Ida
    • Gabriel
    • Lothbrok

【Ceola Info】

  • Element: Earth
  • Class: Defender
    • Standard Attack:  
      • Butcher Blade: Inflict 69% damage to nearest enemy.
    • Swift Skill: 
      • Spirit Strike: Inflict 230% damage to nearest enemy and grant Sacrifice (Absorb all allies damage) for 7 seconds to self. Also grant Reflect (Inflict 10.2% damage received.) for 8 seconds to self.
    • Might Skill: 
      • Demon Armor: Inflict 402% damage to 1 random enemy and grant Shield (Block 212% Defense damage) for 14 seconds and increase 10% Defense for 14 seconds to 3 allies. (Priority: Lowest Health) When fighting World Boss, if ally is Earth Element, also grant increase 50% Debuff Evasion for 14 seconds.
    • Ultimate Skill: 
      • Drow Guard: Inflict 719% damage to 2 random enemies and grant Stout (Block 6 Attacks) for 20 seconds to Earth Element allies. When fighting World Boss, also grant Focus (100 Critical Rate) for 20 seconds
    • Leader Ability: 
      • Dexterity: Increase 4.5% Debuff Evasion to all allies.

【Event】World Boss -Dehann

【Period】2022/12/15 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2022/12/29 (Thu) PM 14:00 UTC+8

【Location】Arkanvale > World Boss 

【Consumption】World Boss Core: 5 Challenge times every day. (Reset every morning at AM 07:00 and be available at 08:00 UTC+8) 

【Basic Info】

  • World Boss is a Server-wide Challenge. Players from all Servers can make contributions defeating the Boss. 
  • Players need to set three Attack teams for the challenge. Heroes will be scaled to Lv240 automatically when entering the battle. 
  • Ranking: 
    • Each server has individual ranking.
    • Obtain scroes will be [ (The total damage dealt from the three attack team) / 100000].  
    • Daily Damage Ranking:
      • Take only the Highest Damage Dealt of the day in the record. 
      • Reset every day at AM 07:00 with 1 hour rest. (Challenge is not available during the rest time: 07:00 - 08:00.)
    • Accumulated Damage Ranking: 
      • Accumulated daily challenge score during Event time.  
      • The accumulated score will be calculated 1 hour earlier before the event ends. (Challenge is not available during the calculation time)
  • Rewards: 
    • Daily Damage Ranking Reward: Rewards will be given daily according to the ranking. 
    • Accumulated Damage Ranking Reward: Rewards will be given after the event ends according to the ranking. 
    • World Boss Defearing Reward: Rewards will be given as long as the assigned level of the Boss is defeated. 
  • Suggested Hero for the Stage: Ceola
Top 30 Level 18 World Boss Defeating Reward


【Event Title】Christmas Celebration Gift

【Location】Arkenvale > Voucher

【Event Period】2022/12/15 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2022/12/29 (Thu) Before Maintenance

【Event Content】



Accumulated Login Day Reward
1 12 Hour Soulcrux Box x2
2 Diamond x300
3 12 Hour Gold Box x2
4 Labyrinth Core x2
5 12 Hour EXP Elixir Box x2
6 Diamond x500
7 Summon Scroll x10


【Event Title】2022/12/15 Limited Merchant Update

【Event Period】2022/12/15 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2022/12/29 (Thu) Before Maintenance


Enhanced Forge Package 

  • Price: USD 10
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 10 times
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x350
    2. 2 Hour Nether Ember Box x20
    3. Nether Ember x50K

Ceola Limited Package

  • Price: USD 49
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 1 
  • Content: 
    1. Naedine x1
    2. Diamond x3200
    3. Summon Ticket x30

Super Value Package

  • Price: USD 100
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 2 
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x7000

Hero Selective Pack

  • Price: USD 100
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 1 time
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x3300
    2. Owned SSR Hero Selective x1
      (Can select a SSR hero that you already own)
    3. 24 Hour Growth Select x20
      (Select from 24 Hour Gold, EXP Elixir, or Soulcrux Box)

Capricorn Reward Card

  • Price: USD 5
  • Location: Premium Shop> Vouchers
  • Purchase Limit: 1 
  • Available Time: 2022/12/15 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2023/01/12 (Thu) Before Maintenance
  • Content: 
    1. Capricorn Frame x1
    2. 7 Day Login Gift with Diamonds 
Login Day Reward
1 Diamond x150
2 Diamond x150
3 Diamond x150
4 Diamond x150
5 Diamond x150
6 Diamond x150
7 SSR Summon Fragments x120

Ceola Mission Pass

  • Location: Quest > Mission Pass
  • Purchase Limit: 1 
  • Content:


    Unlock Condition


    Price (USD)

    Mission 1

    Obtain Ceola x1

    Sunstone x50K


    Mission 2

    Diamond x300, SSR Summon Fragment x60, 24 Hour Growth Select x5


    Mission 3

    SR Summon Scroll x1, Ceola x1


    Mission 4

    Level Up Ceola to 30

    Diamond x1200, Summon Scroll x40, 24 Hour Growth Select x10


    Mission 8

    Level Up Ceola to 30

    Diamond x6600, A Grade Gear Box IV x1


    Mission 5

    Evolve Ceola to 5 Star

    Diamond x6600, Ceola x1, Rune Lucky Box C x1


    Mission 6

    Diamond x2500, Regalia Lucky Box II x5, 24 Hour Growth Select x20


    Mission 7

    Diamond x3200, Sunstone x100K, 24 Hour Growth Select x40



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