Chrono Astrea

On the Day of Perdition, an assassination was attempted on the Archkeeper of Light by five pagans. A battle for the ages took place, and evil was defeated. With their corrupt ambitions crushed, they were banished to the ends of the world.

2022/12/29 Events (New Hero: Elysia) Events


【Event Title】2022/12/29 Pick Up Summon (Elysia)

【Event Period】2022/12/29 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2023/01/12 (Thu) Before Maintenance

【Location】Hero Summon > Pick Up Summon

【Event Content】

  • Summon Cost: (Only available with 10x Summon)
    • Diamond x1000 or
    • Ultra Summon Scroll x10
  • Summon Bonus: 
    • Guarantee boosted Hero on 6th consecutive 10x Summon if hero was not summoned in previous 5 times.
  • SSR Hero List:  

    • Elysia (Boosted Hero)
    • Zhuraed
    • Scylla
    • Vanni
    • Agaverth
    • Adelaide
    • Karantia
    • Nerifina
    • Minori
    • Gill

【Elysia Info】

  • Element: Dark
  • Class: Attacker
    • Standard Attack:  
      • Sickle of Death: Inflict 69% damage to nearest enemy.
    • Swift Skill: 
      • Shadow Assault: Inflict 230% damage to 2 enemies in range. (Priority: Lowest Defense) If target has Ability Buff, remove 1 buff and inflict additional 92% damage.
    • Might Skill: 
      • Dark Detonation: Grant Frenzy (Increase 38% Attack, decrease 38% Defense) for 14 seconds to self. Inflict 402% damage 2 times to 2 enemies. (Priority: Lowest Health)
    • Ultimate Skill: 
      • Comet Fall: Inflict 719% damage to 4 random enemies. If target has Shield Buff, remove 1 buff and inflict additional 288% damage.
    • Leader Ability: 
      • Twins: Increase 6.8% Attack to all allies.

【Event】Advent - The Beast Elysia

【Period】2022/12/29 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2023/01/12 (Thu) Before Maintenance

【Participant】All Players 


【Advent Shop】

  • Period: 2022/12/29 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2023/01/19 (Thu) Before Maintenance
  • Location: Arkanvale>Trader Shop>Advent Shop


  • Chaos Orb: Used to summon an Advent stage. Gain 1 every four hours, with a capacity of 12.

  • Wing of Virtue: Used for entry into an Advent stage. Gain 1 every two hours, with a capacity of 12.

【Basic Info】

  • Players can summon an Advent stage with a Chaos Orb. A Wing of Virtue is used to enter an Advent stage, whether it is created by yourself or another player.

  • Summoning Advent Stage:

    • Each player can only summon 1 Advent stage at a time.

      • A maximum of 10 stages will be available at one time.

      • Your summoned stage will always be visible.

      • Stages summoned by Friends or Guild members have priority.

    • There are 40 Levels available. Players need to start the challenge from Level 1. The stage is available for 2 hours. 
    • Difficulty determines the ATK/DEF/HP of Boss, as well as the rewards.

    • There's chance to encounter a Treasure Monster with large amount of Gold loot. 
    • A Wing of Virtue is not required to enter the stage if boss HP is below 5%
  • Advent Stage:

    • A Cooperative experience, each stage boss has an independent HP.

    • Each player entering the same stage will deduct from the same HP.

    • When joining a stage:

      • The difficulty is determined when the stage was summoned.

      • Boss HP will take the exact status of the Boss when the players join the battle. 

      • No limit on how many players may enter.

    • If the boss was defeated by someone else while in battle, you will still receive rewards.

    • Players may enter the same stage multiple times if you have a Wing of Virtue.

  • Stage Rewards: 

    • There are two types of rewards: 
      • Challenge Reward: Deal Damage to the Boss to gain Ancient Token as rewards. 
      • Boss Killing Reward: Defeat the Boss in time will gain additional Ancient Token.
      • Ancient Token can be used to purchse items in Advent Shop. 
        • Level 1 - 10:  grants around 400 Tokens. 
        • Level 11 - 20: grants around 500 Tokens.
        • Level 21 - 30: grants around 600 Tokens.
        • Level 31 - 40: grants around 630 Tokens.
    • Rewards will be given when the stage is completed. 
    • Rewards will be available to collect for 24 hours after completion of the stage.
    • Players can get Boss Killing Reward when the summoned Stage was completed even without dealing any damage to the Boss. 
    • Stage difficulty will make influences on the rewarded Ancient Token. 
  • Ranking Reward: 
      • Obtain score after completing the stage. 
      • Ranking split into Standard Ranking (Single-Attempt score rank) and Slayer Ranking ( Accumulated score rank).
      • Score Calculation: 
        • (Damege done to Boss (%) x Standatd Parameter) + stage remain time = Total Score
        • Stanfard Parameter: Stage Level x300 = Basic score of the level
        • Stage Remain Time score bonus will only be given if defeat the Boss from 100% to 0% HP.  
  • Suggested Hero for the Stage: Elysia

Note: Ancient Token will be reset to 0 before the new Advent Stage arrives. Don't save it because it will not stay to the next event. 

【Boss Info】

  • Boss's attacks inflict Silence.
  • Boss's attacks inflicts Daze when having Attack Increase buff.
  • Boss's attack inflicts Stifle and grant self a Shield. 

【Event Title】2022/12/29 Limited Merchant Update

【Event Period】2022/12/29 (Thu) After Maintenance - 2023/01/12 (Thu) Before Maintenance


Sunburst Pack

  • Price: USD 15
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 10 
  • Content: 
    1. Sunstone x300K

Elysia Limited Package

  • Price: USD 49
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 1 
  • Content: 
    1. Elysia x1
    2. Diamond x3,200
    3. Summon Scroll x30

Super Value Package

  • Price: USD 100
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 2 
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x7,000

SSR Hero Package

  • Price: USD 10
  • Location: Premium Shop> Specials
  • Purchase Limit: 1 
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x1000
    2. SSR Summon Fragment x60
    3. 2 Hours Soulcrux Box x5

Elysia Mission Pass

  • Location: Quest > Mission Pass
  • Purchase Limit: 1
  • Content: 


Unlock Condition


Price (USD)

Mission 1

Obtain Elysia x1

Sunstone x50K


Mission 2

Diamond x300, SSR Summon Fragment x60, 24 Hour Growth Select x5


Mission 3

SR Summon Scroll x1, Elysia x1


Mission 4

Level Up Elysia to 30

Diamond x1200, Summon Scroll x40, 24 Hour Growth Select x10


Mission 8

Level Up Elysia to 30

Diamond x6600, Grade A Gear Box IV x1


Mission 5

Evolve Elysia to 5 Star

Diamond x6600, Elysia x1, Rune Lucky Box C x1


Mission 6

Diamond x2500, Regalia Lucky Box II x5, 24 Hour Growth Select x20


Mission 7

Diamond x3200, Sunstone x100K, 24 Hour Growth Select x40



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