Dragon's Prophet

A world full of countless dragons and fabulous creatures

Promo Code Exchange System


Promo Code Exchange

Fan Page Promo Code: 

1. Fan Page Promo Code can be claimed here: https://www.runewaker.com/promocode

2. Select the game, enter your PID, and check if the character ID is correct. 

3. Fill in the promo code. 

4. The redeemed items will be sent via in-game mailbox. 


Runewaker Promo Code: 

1. Promo Code sent to your Runewaker account can be claimed here: 

2. Click the available Promo Code directly: 

3. Fill in the correct PID

  • If you ever bound an UID for the game, the corresponding PID will be filled in automatically. 

4. The redeemed items will be sent to the in-game mailbox.