Luna Discordia

Legends from eons ago foretold that once every thousand years, darkness will overshadows the land, bring eternal night and a calamity will engulf the world.

Promo Code Exchange System


Promo Code Exchange

Fan Page Promo Code: 

1. Fan Page Promo Code can be claimed here:

2. Select the game, enter your PID, and check if the character ID is correct. 

3. Fill in the promo code. 

4. The redeemed items will be sent via in-game mailbox. 


Runewaker Promo Code: 

1. Promo Code sent to your Runewaker account can be claimed here: 

2. Click the available Promo Code directly: 

3. Fill in the correct PID

  • If you ever bound an UID for the game, the corresponding PID will be filled in automatically. 

4. The redeemed items will be sent to the in-game mailbox.