Luna Discordia

Legends from eons ago foretold that once every thousand years, darkness will overshadows the land, bring eternal night and a calamity will engulf the world.

Cultivate your Heroes System



  • Level Up: 
    • You can use hero you don't need and gold to upgrade your hero.
    • During enhance phase, the hero you put in will disappear, but hero's equipment will auto back to inventory.

  • Skill Enhance: 
    • Click hero skill icon to open skill upgrade UI
    • You can use sunstones to upgrade hero skill. (You can get sunstones by dismissing heros or in Sanctum)



  • Skill Type Info:
    • Auto Attack:Hero's normal attack, it is auto spell.
    • Quick Attack:Click hero avatar icon to spell, no cooldown time, it can be spell again after mana recovered.
    • Heavy Attack:Slid upward hero avatar icon to spell, after spell skill will be on cooldown, it can be spell again after mana recovered.
    • Ultimate Attack:When the ultimate gauge has filled enough, you can unleash destruction upon your enemies by tapping the ultimate skill.
    • Passive Ability:When the hero be setup as leader will trigger Passive Ability.


  • ATK: Hero's attack value, higher value means higher damage.
  • DEF: Hero's defense damage value, will affect damage reduction rate.
  • HP: Health points, hero will die when HP drops to zero.
  • Crit: Critical hit value, will affect critical rate.
  • AGI:Agile value, will affect auto attack speed, mana recover speed and evade rate .
  • Mind:Intelligence value, will affect mana recover amount while injured, increase hit rate while hero spell debuff to opponent and increase debuff resist rate.