Luna Discordia

Legends from eons ago foretold that once every thousand years, darkness will overshadows the land, bring eternal night and a calamity will engulf the world.

Gear Enhancement System


『Basic Info』

  • There are 6 slots available and each slot carries different Enchantment types.
    • Helmetl: (to be written)
    • Armor: (to be written)
    • Boots: (to be written)
    • Ring: (to be written)
    • Necklace: (to be written)
    • Weapon: (to be written)
  • Gears are equippable for all classes. 
  • Gear stats grows based on its level. Gear level is fixed and cannot be upgrade. 
  • Rarer Gears have higher stats and more enchants as default: 
    • White: No enchant. 
    • Green: Enchant x1
    • Blue: Enchant x2
    • Purple: Enchant x3
    • Orange: Enchant x4 
  • Each Gear can have at most 4 Enchants. 


  • Enhance costs golds to increase basic stats and Enhance Level. Enhance level can go up to +15. 
  • Each Enhance the main status will increase certain proportion, the more Enhance level upgrade, the higher the proportion increase.
  • Every 3 Enhance level has chance to gain a new enchant. If the gear already has max 4 enchants, it will randomly increase one Enchant stats. 


  • Each gear carries different types of Enchant. Each Enchant has its own Tier and Level. 
  • The tier and level of Each Enchant will be displayed as 2 alphabets. The first one represents its Tier, the other one represents its level. 
    • Tier: S > A >B > C > D >E.   Enchant Tier is decided when obtaining the gear. 
    • Level: S > A >B > C > D >E.   Enchant Level can be upgrade through "Enhance"

        Tips: Grinding gears with Enchants you like with Higher Tiers, reforge the other Enchant until it's perfectly fit what you need. And then to upgrade your Gear Stats and Enhance Stats through Gear Enhance.


  • Players can reforge the Gears to replace the Enchants. 
  • Reforge costs Forge Core to get a new Enchant. 
  • Forge Core can be crafted from Alchemy in Sanctum. It requires Etherstone, Hexstone, and gold. (Etherstone and Hexstone can be gathered from Reliquary in Sanctum.)

『Gear Suit』

  • Some type of equipment will has suit attribute, wear same gear suit certain number of equipment will trigger effect.
  • Gear Suit can gain via complete stage or produce in Sanctum>Forge.