Luna Storia: RE

Turn-based Strategy Role Playing Game

Hero Hall System



Hero Hall

Hero Hall is a place where player can spend SSR Hero Shards to Summon selected Heroes. 

  • Location: Sanctum> Hero Summon> Hero Hall.
  • Select 6 desired Heroes from the available list. 


  • Fill in SSR Hero Shard to Summon one of the selected Heroes. Each Summon requires 360 SSR Hero Shards. 
  • 1) Decide the Hero Shard Addition Amount 
  • 2) Select the Heroes to fill in the Amount
  • 3) When the filled in Shards reached 360, click the bottle in the middle to Summon. 



Hero Hall Exclusive Hero: 

  • Eris: 
    • Rarity: SSR
    • Element: Fire
    • Class: Supporter
      • Ultimate Skill: 
        • Disturbing People: Inflict Daze for 1 Round to 1/2/3 Enemies with highest ATK. Inflict Discord (Inflict 1/1.5/2.2x ATK Damage, ignores Defense) and Decrease 20/50/80% Fire Tolerance on all Enemies for 2 Rounds
      • Talent 1: 
        • Demonic Words: Physical Attack has 40% chance to inflict Decrease 25% Attack for 1 Round to Enemies in Range.
      • Talent 2: 
        • Provoke Disputes: Every Round inflict Increase 20% Damage Taken for 1 Round to 1 random Conqueror Enemy and grant Increase 20% Attack for 1 Round to 1 random Conqueror Ally.
      • Talent 3: 
        • Decoy: Can switch positions with surrounding Enemies.

  • Aphrodite: (2021/09/15 Updated)
    • Rarity:
    • Element:
    • Class:
      • Ultimate Skill:
        • Charming God: Grant Increase 50/80% Attack for 2 Rounds to Allies in Range. (Can stack) Inflict Decrease 30/60% Defense for 2 Rounds to Enemies in Range, (Can stack) with 30% chance to inflict Charm for 1 Round to Male Enemies or Prevent Ultimate Skill for 2 Rounds to Females Enemies.
      • Talent 1:
        • Only Love Me: If the only Female on Team, Team gains 1.8x ATK Heal every Round
      • Talent 2:
        • Love Strength: Grant Increase 25% Attack to all Dark Allies if three or more Dark Heroes on Team
      • Talent 3:
        • Decoy: Can switch positions with surrounding Enemies
  • Hero Hall exclusive Hero will not be available in General Summon Pool or Element Summon Pool.