Luna Storia: RE

Turn-based Strategy Role Playing Game

Treasure Patrol & Ameliorate System


Treasure Patrol 

General Info:

  • Treasure Patrol is available when completing Hidden Forest Level 200. 
  • Collecting seafood and defeating pirates to get abundant rewards. 

Q: How do I collect seafood? 
A: Push the seafood to the harbor or the salvage points to collect them. 

Q: How can I obtain high grade Seafood ?
A: By pushing neighboring Seafood of the same level and the same type together, you can increase the grade level.

Q: How to attack Pirate Ships?
A: You can attack neighboring pirate ships by pushing it. After attacking a certain number of pirate ships, you will have a chance to trigger King's Challenge, which offers plentiful rewards!

Currency Info: 

  • Patrol Coin: 
    • Currency used to enter Treasure Patrol. Can be obtained by completing Harbor Quests. Can be used in Nautical Roulette. 
  • Navigation Point:
    • Navigation requires Navigation Points, which replenishes 1 every 6 minutes. It can also be obtained from [Nautical Roulette or defeating Pirate Ships.
  • Probe Point: 
    • Summon Archimedes to explore the seafood randomly, which replenishes 1 per hour.


  • Harbor Missions: Turn in requested Seafood will receive corresponding rewards. (Bring Seafood with the exact required level will receive better rewards) 
  • King's Challenge: Triggered by chance when defeating more than 10 pirate ships. 


  • Harbor Mission: Element SR Summon Crystal Fragment, Patrol Coins
  • Defeating Pirates: Ameliorate Scroll, Rainbow Dew. (Note: King's Challenge has chance to drop intermediate or Advanced Ameliorate Scorlls. 
  • Nautical Roulette: Ameliorate Scroll, Elemental Stones, Ascension Stones



General Info: 

  • Ameliorate is available in when the hero reached 5 stars. 
  • Ameliorate Limit: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. 10 Level for each Limit. It costs Gold and corresponding Ameliorate Scroll to level up. 
  • Ameliorate Limit level up requirement: 
    • Novice (Lv 0-9) : Requires Ameliorate Scroll (Novice), Unlock Intermediate limit when reached level 10. 
    • Intermediate (Lv 10-19): Requires Ameliorate Scroll (Intermidiate).  Unlock Advanced limit when reached level 20 and the Hero must be evolved. 
    • Advanced (Lv20-30): Requires Ameilorate Scroll (Advanced)
  • Basic Stats will be increased when leveled up. Every 10 levels grants one of the following additional ability bonus:
    • Existing Talent Enhancement
    • Brand new Talent
    • Ultimate Skill Enhancement
      • Note: Ameiliorate ability design is different by each hero. 
  • Ameliorate investment can't be recycled with Optimize function. 。
  • Below are the heroes who already have Ameliorate implemented. (Ameliorate will be available to all Heroes gradually. 
    • Michael
    • Vivienne
    • Ayda
    • Hook
    • Andre