Luna Storia: RE

Turn-based Strategy Role Playing Game

2022/05/11 Events Events


【Event】Celebration Festival - Erika

【Period】2022/05/11 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2022/05/18 (Wed) Before Maintenance

【Location】Summon > Event Summon Pool 


  • Consumption: 
    • Gem
  • Hero List: 
    • Festival SSR Heroes: "Erika", and "Oda Nobunaga".
    • Other SSR, SR, SS Heroes: Same as the list in General Summon Pool. 
  • Summon Bonus:
      • The 1, 6, 10x Summon is 40% off
      • The 2, 7, 10x Summon is 20% off
      • The 3, 8, 10x Summon guarantee to get one random SSR Heroes. 
  • The 5, 10, 10x Summon guarantees to get one of the Festival Heroes. 

【Erika Info】

  • Rarity: SSR
    • Element: Water
    • Class: Protector
      • Ultimate Skill: 
        • Shield of Jade Dust: Gain 12x ATK Retaliate for 1 Round. Also gain Shield, granting Decrease 60% Damage Taken. Shield breaks after one hit and inflict Daze and Increase 30% Damage Taken to Enemies in Range for 1 Round.
      • Talent 1: 
        • Bone Chill: Physical Attack has 40% chance to inflict Decrease 25% Defense for 1 Round to enemies in attack range
      • Talent 2: 
        • Snow and Ice: -1 Movement to Enemies in Range and Inflict 5% Health Damage every Round
      • Talent 3: 
        • Decoy: Can switch positions with surrounding Enemies
  • Note: Erika will be available in Hero Hall after the new Festival Hero is out.  


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