Luna Storia: RE

Turn-based Strategy Role Playing Game

Frontier Guard System System


Frontier Guard is a new mission within the Guild system.

It requires communication and cooperation between guild members to obtain the best rewards!

Let's take a look at how it works!

【Basic Info】

  • Tap Start Exploration on the bottom right to get started.

  • Select the tile on the map you would like to explore.

    Each exploration requires one Owl Treat. (Each player gains one Owl Treat every hour, with a maximum capacity of 60.)

  • You may discover Rank I - III monsters or find resource chests with each exploration. If a monster is discovered, you may attack it for rewards and remove it from the map or continue your exploration.

  • Discovered Rank I – III monsters will remain on the map until they are defeated.

  • When three or more of the same monsters in adjacent tiles are discovered, they will evolve into the next Rank, up to Rank V, on the last explored tile. Higher Ranked monsters will offer better rewards.

    • Three same Rank I Monster evolves into one Rank II Monster.

    • Three same Rank II Monster evolves into one Rank III Monster (Note: There is a chance to evolve to Rank IV Boss)

    • Three same Rank III Monster evolves into one Rank IV Boss (Note: There are two possible types of Rank IV Boss)

    • Three same Rank IV Boss evolves into one Rank V Boss.


  • Rank I – III Monsters will not disappear unless you defeat them.

  • Rank IV – V Boss will not disappear when you defeat them, but they exist for a limited time. All Guild members may attack discovered Bosses.  


    Evolved monsters will appear in the last explored tile, so be sure to strategize with your Guildmates. The Guild is working together on the same map so evolving a Rank V Boss will require teamwork.

  • There will be Summon Points given every time a Monster evolved. When Summon Points reached 10,000, a Guild Boss will be summoned in the central Altar. Bonus Summon Points will be given if there are more than three monsters consumed during Monster Evolve.


There are three types of rewards: 

  1. Resource Chests discovered during Exploration: Chances to get Gold, Mana, Ascension Stones, and Gear Enhancement materials. 
  2. Monster Defeat Reward:
    • Rank I Monster: Gear, Gear Enhancement materials.
    • Rank II Monster: Gear, Gear Enhancement materials.
    • Rank III Monster: Gear, Trinket, Gear Enhancement materials.
    • Rank IV Boss: Gear, Trinket, Monster Tokens, Team Regalia.
    • Rank V Boss: Gear, Trinket, Monster Tokens, Team Regalia, Hero Shards of Guild Limited Hero.
  3. Prestige Reward: Monster Tokens gained by defeating the BOSS in Frontier Guard can be used to Support your Guild and increase the Guild's Prestige Level! You will also gain Guild Contribution Voucher from your contributions.

    Obtain 60 Guild Contribution Vouchers to synthesize into a Guild Valor Chest. There is a chance to obtain shards of Limited Hero!