Luna Storia: RE

Turn-based Strategy Role Playing Game

Guild War System System


Guild War System is available soon this Wednesday!

Assemble, Guildmates!Let's fight for glory! 

【Basic Rule】

  • Guild War is available for Guilds with more than 5 members.  

【Guild War Phase】

  • Preparation Phase: 03:00-04:00 GMT+0; the opponent guild will be auto matched across servers. 
  • War Phase: 04:00-12:00 GMT+0
  • No War on Wednesday

【Team Power in Guild War】

  • All Hero levels adjusted to 200 and equipped with same Tier Gear. Support Squad bonus ignored, but other training and upgrades apply.

【Guild War Rule】

  • Each member has three challenge counts. The opponent unit can be challenged multiple times. Attacking opponents with all stars taken will not obtain any more stars or scores. 
  • Bijou will be given after each challenge. Winners get Bijou x150; Losers get Bijou x75.  

【Score system of each Challenge】

  • Victory Star Calculation: 
    • Victory with no Defeats grants 3 Stars.  
    • 1 star will be taken if there's one Hero on the team defeated.
    • 2 stars will be taken if there are two or more Heroes on the team defeated.  
  • Victory Score Calculation: 
    • Rounds remaining counted as Score.

【Daily Ranking Score】

  • Victory is dependent on Stars collected. In case of same Stars, Score is used.
  • Winner Guild gets +100 score; Loser Guild gets 40 score; Both Guilds gets +60 score if it was a draw.  
  • Ranking Score is calculated every day at 12:00 GMT+0 with Gulid Chest reward given based on the result. 
  • No Guild Chest will be given the day after Truce.  (Thursday 12:00 GMT+0)

【Gulid Ranking Reward】

  • Guild Ranking is calculated once every 2 weeks. Guild Laurel, Unity Grail, and Core Summon Ticket fragments will be given based on the ranking.  (Note: Unity Grail can be used to purchase rare Gear.