Luna Storia

A huge collection of characters await you in this turn based strategy game.


《Luna Class》 How to Cultivate Heroes? -【Movement】&【Ultimate Skill】 System


Hello, Summoners! It’s time for Luna Class! 
Today’s subjects are “Movement” and “Ultimate Skill”!
【Movement and Terrain Effect Bonus】
Each hero has an individual movement type and the Effect Bonus will be given when stepping on specific Terrain.
Below are the relationship between movement types and the Effect Bonus: :
1. Infantry: Attack and Defense bonus on Bulwark and Mana Spring terrain
2. Mountaineer: Attack and Defense bonus on Hills and Mana Spring terrain.
3. Amphibian: Attack and Defense bonus on River, Lake, and Mana Spring terrain.
4. Jungler: Attack and Defense bonus on Woodland and Mana Spring terrain.
5. Flying: Attack and Defense bonus on Air, Mana Spring, and Sacred Ground terrain.

【Ultimate Skill Type】
Ultimate Skill: “Instant”, “Cast”, and “Mark” represents different casting style.
1. “Instant”: The Skill will be launched immediately.

2. “Cast”:The Skill will be launched after finished the movement.

3. “Mark”: The skill will be launched after the attack range is decided.

That’s all for today’s Luna Class! Nana will keep sharing useful information with Summoners! Let’s fight for Glory!
See you next time!