Luna Storia

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《Luna Class》Endless Challenge System


Hi Summoners, it’s time for Luna Class! :)
Have you tried the new special stage “Endless Challenge” released this week? Nana is giving a brief introduction here for Summoners!
【Endless Challenge】
Summoners can find the Endless Challenge in “Limited Stage” in Pantheon.

Endless Challenge stays for 2 weeks with several Bosses and Stages for Summoners to challenge. 


【Stage Types】

There are Two Types of the Stage:

  • Stages without Reward: Consume no Stamina, obtain Score after completed the stage, no extra reward.

  • Stages with Reward: Consume stamina, obtain Score after completed the stage, and extra reward of “Hero Pin”. 3 challenges for free per day. 

【Challenge Score】
  • Total Score contains "Challenge Score" and "Quest Score"

    • Challenge Score: The Player will get score according to the general evaluation from each challenge. Only the highest score of each stage will be calculated into the “Total Score”.

    • Quest Score: Quest will check the total challenge times of Stages with Reward. Competed for the stages as requested will get additional Quest Score. 


【Challenge Score Calculation】

Challenge Score will be affected by “Difficulty Level”, “Number of the Survived Hero”, “Number of the rounds the Challenge spent”, and “Number of the Heroes which meet the special requirement”.

  • Basic Score:

    • Number of the Survived Hero

    • Number of the rounds the Challenge takes

  • Bonus Score:

    • Difficulty Level

    • Number of the Heroes which meet Bonus Requirement (Designated Rarity/Element Type)


【Bonus Buff】

Each Stage has up to 10 difficulties to challenge from. Additional ability bonus on Heroes’ Attack, Defense, and Health will be given according to the Best Difficulty Level Record for the challenge the next day.

Bonus Buff including "Difficulty Bonus" and "Stage Bonus"

  • Difficulty Bonus Calculation:

    • An additional 5% Ability Bonus will be given for each difficulty level.

    • The Ability Bonus for the next day will be calculated based on the Best Difficulty Level of all stages. 

  • Stage Bonus Calculation:

    • An additional 5% Bonus Buff will be given upon every completion of "Stage​s with Reward". 

  • Example: 

    • Nov 1st: The best difficulty level of Stages with Rewards is 10. So on Nov 2nd, the Summoner will get 10 x 5% = 50% Difficulty Bonus Buff. 

    • Nov 1st: The Summoner completed a total of 5 times of Stages with Rewards, and so get direct 25% Stage Bonus Buff.

    • Nov 2nd: The Summoner will have 50% Difficulty Bonus Buff and 25% Stage Bonus Buff which makes total 75% Bonus Buff for Endless Challenge. 



【Reward and Endless Challenge Shop】

  • Challenge Reward and Ranking Reward will be given according to the Total Score. It will also make influences on the available items you can purchase in Endless Challenge Shop. The higher the Total Score you have, the more items you can purchase.



【How to get High Score?】

Little Tips from Nana: First use the Strongest Team to challenge up to the difficulty levels as high as you can to gain the best Ability Bonus as possible.

The next day with the given Ability Bonus, challenge each stage using the required Heroes to get the best score. Summoners will need to train Heroes with different rarity and element types to obtain the bonus score of each stage.



That’s all for today’s Luna Class! Hope you find the information useful!

See you next time!