Luna Storia

A huge collection of characters await you in this turn based strategy game.


《Luna Class》Buff Effect & Priority System


  1. Dear Summoners,  as a heads-up, the effect of "Dispel", "Prevent", "Immune", and "Dispel Guard" will be slightly modified since the new patch released on 2018/07/25. 

    Come check the details and don't forget to share the info with the community! 




    •  Dispel: Remove specific buff immediately

    e.g.: ”Dispel Invulnerability”-Remove “Invulnerability” immediately.


    • ​ Prevent: 1) Remove specific buff immediately and 2) cannot obtain specific buff for certain time.

    e.g.: ”Prevent Invulnerability”-Dispel “Invulnerability” immediately, and cannot obtain “Invulnerability” for a certain time.


    •  Immune: 1) Remove specific debuff immediately and 2) will not obtain specific debuff for a certain time.

    e.g.:” Poison Immune”- Dispel “Poison” immediately, and will not obtain “poison” for a certain time.


    •  Dispel Guard: Protect specific buff from removing by “Dispel” or “Ban” for a certain time.

    e.g.: “Invulnerability Dispel Guard”- Protect” Invulnerability” from “Dispel Invulnerability” and the Dispel effect of ”Prevent Invulnerability”.


    Example  A

    1. Team units gain “Invulnerability” from Asta’s “Diabolical Dance” (Team gains 35% Heal and Invulnerability for 1 Round)

  2. 2. Asta’s Invulnerability got removed by Enemy Suzanne’s ”Heartbreak” (Prevent Invulnerability on all Enemies for 3 Rounds)
  1. Example  B

    1. Team units gain “Invulnerability” from Asta’s “Diabolical Dance” and “Buffs Dispel Guard” from Dragon Boat Spirit’s ”Lion Dance” (Allies in Range gain Buffs Dispel Guard and 30% Heal for 2 Rounds).

  2. Enemy Suzanne casting ”Heartbreak” (Prevent Invulnerability on all Enemies for 3 Rounds), but due to “Buffs Dispel Guard”, the “Invulnerability” stays, but the effect which prevents from obtaining “Invulnerability” in 3 rounds is still effective.
  3. “Invulnerability” disappeared after 1 round, left only “Buffs Dispel Guard” and “Prevent Invulnerability”.
  4. Our Back up Vivienne appears and cast “Goddess of the Lake” (Team gains Invulnerability for 2 Rounds and 25% Heal for 3 Rounds); however, only Vivienne gains “Invulnerability” since other units already have “Prevent Invulnerability” buff.


Let's all for today's Luna Class. Hope you all find the info useful! See you next time! :)