Luna Storia

A huge collection of characters await you in this turn based strategy game.


《Luna Class》Advertisement Display Issue System


Dear Summoners: 


Nana notice some of you are issued with Advertise in the game. It is due to the limitation on Ads watching of your phone, causing Ads in the game not functioning. 

If you are facing this problem, please follow these steps to reset. 

For iOS : 

1.     First to open <Settings> 

2.     Then go to <Privacy> 

3.     Choose <Advertising> 

4.     And click on <Reset Advertising Identifier> 


For Android : 

1.     First to open <Google Settings> 

2.     Then press on <Ads> 

3.     And click on <Reset Advertising ID> 


I hope the info helps! 

Feel free to PM Nana if you have any questions!