Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms

Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms

Fight your way through the epic story of The Three Kingdoms, filled with drama, intrigue and excitement.


2020/10/27 Events Events



【Event Title】Guild Conquer

【Event Time】2020/10/27 (Tue) After Maintenance - 2020/11/10 (Tue) AM 10:00 GMT+8

【Participant】Guild Members

【Event Location】Guild > Guild Conquer

【Consumption】Challenge Criterion (Every 35 stamina spent can exchange for 1 Challenge Criterion)


  • Players who's with a Guild can participate the challenge. 
  • Guild Members challenge the same Boss. The Boss difficulty increases every 6 stages.  
  • Each challenge gives scores based on the total damage dealt. Higher scores gives better rewards. 
  • The Final Guild Ranking will be calulated according to the Boss ranking and the remain HP of the Boss.   


  • Guild Ranking Reward: Guild Coin, Invigorator, Friendship Consort

【Event Title】Mysterious Rhythm - Chou Yu Event Summon Pool 

【Event Time】2020/10/27 (Tue) After Maintenance - 2020/11/10 (Tue) Before Maintenance

【3x Summon Rate Heroes】

  • Mysterious Rhythm - Chou Yu (SSR) (NEW)
  • Nation's Best - Little Qiao (SSR) (NEW)
  • Magnificent - Bu Lian Shi (SSR)
  • Old Man - Huang Gai (SR) (NEW)
  • Jade Eye - Sun Quan (S) (NEW)
  • Heroic Protector - Zhou Tai (SR)

【Summon Bonus】

    • 1st 10 x Summon: 50% off
    • 2nd 10 x Summon: 25% off
    • 3rd 10 x Summon: 50% chance to get one of the boosted Heroes. 
    • 6th 10 x Summon: 100% chance to get one of the boosted Heroes. 
    • 9th 10 x Summon: Guarantee to get one of the SSR boosted Hereoes. 
    • 12th 10 x Summon: Guarantee to get "Mysterious Rhythm - Chou Yu"

【New Heroes】

  • Mysterious Rhythm - Chou Yu
    • Rarity: SSR
    • Faction: Wu
      • Ultimate Skill: 
        • Clear Quiet: Inflict 250% Scheme Damage to target and nearby enemies, with 40% chance to inflict Disrupt for 2 Rounds. If enemies have Disrupt, inflict additional 100% Scheme Damage.
      • Nobel Skill: 
        • Talented Knowledge: Grant Ultimate Orb Chain Requirement -1 for 2 Rounds to 3 random allies. Grant Inspire (+20% Damage) for 2 Rounds to 3 random allies.
      • Assist Skill: 
        • High and Lo: Inflict Disrupt for 2 Rounds on all enemies. Team gains Inspire (+25% Damage) for 2 Rounds.
      • Innate Skill: 
        • Dongwu Governor: Self gain +15% Damage Reduction from Wei Heroes. If 3 or more Wu Heroes on team, team gains +10% All Attack.
  • Nation's Best - Little Qiao
    • Rarity: SSR
    • Faction: Wu
      • Ultimate Skill: 
        • Thick Release: Inflict 230% Scheme Damage to target and enemies behind. Team gains 40% Recover to Troops. Self gain Stout (+10% Damage Reduction) for 2 Rounds.
      • Nobel Skill: 
        • Posture Restrain: Purge Shatter from team and gain Inspire (+25% Damage) for 2 Rounds.
      • Assist Skill: 
        • Military Deception Red: Inflict Red Orb Null for 2 Rounds on enemy. Also change 8 random Orbs into Red Orbs.
      • Innate Skill: 
        • Lang's Concubine: If Chou Yu is on team, self gain +20% Recover. If Big Qiao is on team, self gain +20% Scheme Attack.


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  • Runewaker Entertainment reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate, or suspend the Event and its Complimentary content. Please refer to the Official Website for the latest announcement. 

  • The Event can be postponed or canceled due to Force majeure.

  • Matters not mentioned here will follow the regulation of the organizer. 

  • All participants are acknowledged as agreed with the latest announcement on Event Page and Official Website.