Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms

Luna Storia - Three Kingdoms

Fight your way through the epic story of The Three Kingdoms, filled with drama, intrigue and excitement.


2020/11/17 Events Events


【Event Title】Peak Duel -Epoch General - Zhang Jiao

【Event Time】2020/11/17 (Tue) - 2020/12/07 (Tue) AM 10: 00 GMT+8

【Participant】All Players

【Location】Lobby > Shining "Battle" icon

【Consumption】Peak Duel Grant


  • Pure Honor Coin (Can exchange Specialist Blueprint in Arena Shop) 
  • Unparalleled Record (Required material for Specialist Crafting)

【Peak Duel】

  • 3 challenge times available every day. 
  • Peak Duel starts every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (GMT+8). Ranking based on the best record.
  • Designated Factions will grant an advantage. Make sure you meet the requirement for the high score. 
  • Designated Hero "Agile Cavalry - Huang Fu Song" will grant buff bonus. 

【Event Title】 Raw General - Lu Bu

【Event Time】2020/11/17 (Tue) After Maintenance - 2020/12/01 (Thu) Before Maintenance

【Participant】All Players

【Event Location】"Pinnacle Clash"

【Consumption】Clash Ring


  • Lu Bu Commands
  • Soul of Wisdom, Soul of Benevolence, Soul of Courage
  • Reputation (Han)


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