Last Valiant 2022/06/15 Pick Up Summon (Heracle) Events



【Event】2022/06/15 Pick Up Summon (Heracle)

【Period】2022/06/15 (Wed) 16:00 - 2022/06/29 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8

【Location】Summon>Pick Up Summon


  • SSR Heroes: Heracle, Lyubu, Zimo, Eudora

  • SSR Rate: 3%

【Hero Info】

  • Heracle
    • Class: Archer
        • Normal Attack
          • Windbreaker Arrow:Summon Windbreaker Arrow, inflicting 100%/145%/210%/305%/445% ATK damage to enemy with 10% chance to summon poisonous snake from enemy. Snake inflicts 320%/464%/672%/976%/1424% ATK damage to enemies in its path with 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to inflict Venom (200% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds and -50% Accuracy) for 10 seconds.
        • Skills:
          • Arrow Burst: Summon Arrow Burst, inflicting 640%/928%/1344%/1952%/2848% ATK damage to furthest enemy. Also inflict Fatal (Inflict 200% ATK damage every second, with 30% chance to inflict Daze for 1 second) for 10 seconds. Then summon explosion, inflicting 360%/522%/756%/1098%/1602% ATK damage to enemies in range with 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to inflict Daze for 2 seconds.
          • Cyclone Snake: Summon cyclone, inflicting 520%/754%/1092%/1586%/2314% ATK damage to enemies hit. Upon hit, 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to inflict -50% Evade, Critical Resist, and Critical Damage Resist for 5 seconds. Also summon flying snakes, inflicting 440%/638%/924%/1342%/1958% ATK damage to enemies hit with 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to inflict Septic (200% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds and Blind) for 5 seconds
          • Torrential Rain: Summon Torrential Rain randomly, inflicting 720%/1044%/1512%/2196%/3204% ATK damage to enemies hit. Each hit has 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to inflict Perforate (-100% Block Reduction) for 3 seconds. Also break the ground, inflicting 560%/812%/1176%/1708%/2492% ATK damage to enemies hit. Each hit has 25%/30%/35%/40%/50% chance to inflict Root for 3 seconds.
        • Passive Skills: 
          • Divine Afresh: Every 20 seconds, grant Divine Afresh to self for 10 seconds. Divine Afresh grants +50%/60%/70%/80%/100% Attack and Defense and +30% Health. If Heracles is defeated with Divine Afresh active, immediately recover 100% HP. Divine Afresh can be activated once every 60/58/55/51/45 seconds. 
        • Artifact: 
          • Toxic Detonation: When attacking, if target is inflicted with Poison, Venom, or Septic, 30% chance to summon Toxic Detonation, inflicting 330% ATK damage to enemies in range. Also inflict Disrupt (Reduce 100% Healing Power and every second increase Cooldown for each skill by 1 seconds and burn 0.5 Mana) for 2 seconds. Toxic Detonation can occur once every second.
  • New Hero will be available in the general Hero Summon Pool 2 months later after the Event ends.


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