Last Valiant 2023/02/02 Package Discount Events


【Event】2023/02/02 Package Discount

【Period】2023/02/02 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2023/02/15 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

【Location】Shop > Package


Novice Package (Double Rubies during Event time)

  • Price: USD 15
  • Purchase Limit: 3
  • Content: 
    1. Token of Compassion x240
    2. Token of Valor x240
    3. Token of Justice x240
    4. Token of Spirituality x240
    5. Token of Sacrifice x240
    6. Token of Wisdom x240
    7. Ruby x10

Diamond Novice Package

  • Price: USD 4
  • Purchase Limit: 5 times every day
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x350
    2. Ruby x1

Berserker Artifacts Package

  • Price: USD 100
  • Purchase Limit: 1
  • Content: 
    1. Berserker x1
    2. 1★ Berserker Artifacts x1
    3. Skill Elf x5
    4. Ruby x35


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