Last Valiant Blacksmith Challenge Events


【Event】 Blacksmith Challenge

【Period】 2020/03/18 (Wed) 16:00 - 2020/04/01 (Wed) 16:00

【Location】 Gear>Enhance>Tier+

【Participation】Players who do Gear Tier Up during the event time. 


  • During the period, players who tier up their gears contribute +1 to Gear Tier Up Count.

  • The total Gear Tier Up Count will be calculated from the whole server.

  • Each click on Tier+ will be taken as +1 to the total Gear Tier Up Count. (No matter it's failed or succeed)

【Serverwide Reward】

  • Gear Tier Up Count 30K: Arcane Dust x50K

  • Gear Tier Up Count 80K: Chrono Runes x30K

  • Gear Tier Up Count 150K: Medal x6K,

  • Gear Tier Up Count 200K: Keys of Trials x10

  • Gear Tier Up Count 300K: 5-star evolver x1
    • Note: The rewards are accumulated. Gear Tier Up Count reached 300K will receive all rewards listed above.

【Reward Delivery】 Rewards will be sent to players' mailbox seven days after the event ends.


  • Runewaker Entertainment is not responsible for lost data due to lag, connection issues, or crashes caused by the unstable network.

  • Runewaker Entertainment reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate, or suspend the Event and its Complimentary content. Please refer to the Official Website for the latest announcement. 

  • The Event can be postponed or canceled due to Force majeure.

  • Matters not mentioned here will follow the regulation of the organizer. 

  • All participants are acknowledged as agreed with the latest announcement on Event Page and Official Website.