Luna Storia 《Luna Class》Conquest System


Hello, Summoners! It’s time for Luna Class! 

It is very important to join a Guild and fight along with your companions.

Today we’re going to introduce the new Guild feature: “Conquest”.


Summoners can find "Conquest" in the Guild interface. 

This is how the Conquest system looks like: 


    1. Count Down: Remaining time of Conquest Event. 

    2. Rank: Current Rank of the Boss. The states of the Boss grows along with the Rank. 

    3. Leaderboard: Score Ranking of the whole Guild. 

    4. Personal Score: The damage you made to the Boss will be transferred to your score. 

    5. Boss HP: The Boss will switch to the next rank when being completely defeated. 

    6. Available Battle List: Summoners can join the battle from other Guild members. Join Conquest recruited from other Guild members will not deduct your own Token. 

    7. Token & Start Button: Start Battle costs Tokens. The more Tokens you spend, the more damage you will make to the Boss. 

    8. Tips: To show the advantage of Hero types. (The advantage will be altered by the Boss Rank.) 

    • Boss Rank 1 - 19 > Advantage 1

    • Boss Rank 20 - 29 > Advantage 2

    • Boss Rank 30 - 39 > Advantage 3...and it will be changed every 10 Rank after. 


    • Token & Battle 

      • Summoners can decide how many Token you want to spend to start the Battle. The more Tokens you spend the more damage you make to the Boss. 

        • Normal Battle: Cost Token x1

        • 2.5x ATK Battle: Cost Token x2

        • 4x ATK Battle: Cost Token x3

        • 6x ATK Battle: Cost Gem x1 (Only available for Team above Lv60)

      • Token will be restored in every 3rd hour. 

      • Each Battle allows at most 5 Summoners. (Except the Summoner who start the battle, there are 4 slots available for other members.) 

      • The most effective Battle Method: Start 6 Recruits at the same time, and assign Guild members left to join these 6 battles.


    • Boss HP Calculation

      • Damage made in each battle will be calculated into the final damage on the Boss. 

      • If the Boss already been killed in other Battles during the challenge, Summoners will still get the score after the battle ends. However, the damage in this battle will not be calculated to the Boss of next Rank. 


    • Victory conditions

      • Total 10 rounds 

      • "Boss be Defeated", "Round Count Finished", "All Heroes Defeated" will be taken as stage completed and get reward accordingly. 


    • Reward

      • Recruit Reward: Each Battle allows 5 members to join the same battle. The more members in the Battle the higher chance to get additional rewards. 

      • Personal Damage Reward: Total Damage made during the Event will be rewarded. 

      • Guild Ranking Reward: Defeated Boss with higher rank will get better rewards. 

        • Guild Ranking Standard: Boss Rank --> Remaining HP of the Boss


    That’s all for today’s Luna Class. I hope you have a brief idea about Conquest now. 

    Nana will keep sharing useful information with Masters! Let’s fight for Glory!