Luna Storia 《Luna Class》Gear System


Dear Summoners! Now Nana is going to give a brief introduction about the brand new Gear System released together with Conquest! 


【Gear Basic Info】

  • Rarity: Six different rarities: B, A, S, SS, SR, and SSR. Rarity will make influence on the number of available Gear Bonuses.

  • Quality: Four different qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The higher the quality is, the higher stats it carries. 

  • Gear Bonus: Each Gear can carry at most three Gear Bonuses depending on the Gear rarity. Enhance the Gear to designated Tier will get the Bonus accordingly. 

  • Vignette Slot: Vignette Slots will be randomly given according to the Gear rarity. The higher the rarity is, the higher chance you can get more slots. Maximum: 4 Slots.  

  • Exclusive Effect: Exclusive Effect will only be applied when equipped by specific Heroes.


Quick Note to distinguish Gear Rarity and Quality: 

  • Rarity: You can tell the Rarity by the Tip Icon on the left top and also the Frame color. 

    • B >  Frame Color: While

    • A >  Frame Color: Green

    • S > Frame Color: Blue

    • SS > Frame Color: Purple

    • SR > Frame Color: Orange

    • SSR > Frame Color: Rainbow

  • Quality: You can tell quality by the color of Roman Numerals

    • Common (White)

    • Uncommon (Green)

    • Rare (Blue)

    • Epic (Purple)

Rarity Quality

【How to Get Gear】

  Summoners can obtain Gear from: 


  • Conquest Event

  • Conquest Gear Chest available in Guild Shop

  • Gear Forge in Sanctuary


【How to Equip Gear】

 Summoners can open Gear Interface from Hero Details. Each Hero can equip 1 Gear. 


ears will bring below bonuses: 

  1. Stats/Attribute Bonus

  2. Gear Bonus

  3. Vignette Bonus 

  4. Exclusive Effect (Only Effective when equipped by specific Heroes)

Note: Bonus from Gear will NOT make influence on Team Rating. 


【Vignette Slots】

  • Vignette Slots can be unlocked by Radiant Gem or Riveter. 

  • Riveter is obtainable from "Riveter Bundle" in in-game Shop.

  • Check more details for Vignettes



【Gear Enhancement】

  • Enhancement Interface can be found once the Gear is equipped. 

  • Summoners can consume unwanted Gear as materials to enhance the Tier of the selected Gear. 

  • Gear with higher Tier will get higher Stats and also unlock Gear Bonus. The rarity of the material will effect the EXP it gets. 

  • Summoners can lock the needed Gear to protect it from being consumed accidently. 

(2018/1/24 Updated)

  • Gear EXP transfer Rules: 

    • Consumed Materials contains EXP from below two aspects:

      • 1) Basic EXP: Depending on the rarity of the Consumed Gear


        Basic EXP












        Normal SSR:12
        EXP Vault  SSR:15
        EXP Amplifier SSR:30

      • 2) Tier EXP: Depending on the current Tier investment of the Consumed Gear

    • EXP Transferred from Consumed Gear = Basic EXP + (Tier EXP / 2 )

      • Example: Gear A
        Rarity: S = 3 Basic EXP
        If I consumed Gear A, it will actually transfer 3 + (10/2) = 8 EXP to the target Gear. 

  • ​​Gear EXP Vault and Gear EXP Amplifier: 

  • ​Gear EXP Vault: (Obtain: Personal Reward, and Guild Shop)
    Target Gear will receive 100% Tier EXP from Gear EXP Vault. 

  • Gear EXP Amplifier: (Obtain: Personal Reward)
    Target Gear will receive 150% Tier EXP from Gear EXP Amplifier. 



【Gear Crafting】

Gear Forge can be purchased in Sanctuary. The available Recipes will be updated along with the Conquest Event.

Gear Crafting Needs: 

  • Event Exclusive Gear x2: Drop from Specific Conquest Event.Conquest Event

  • Common Gear x1: Drop from all Conquest Event.

  • Event Exclusive Material:  Drop from Specific Conquest Event and it is also available in Guild Shop.

  • Common Material: Drop from all Conquest Event and it is also available in Guild Shop.

Note: Gear Crafted from Gear Forge is guaranteed to be above SR rarity. The Quality of the Material will make influences on the crafted result. 


That's all for today's Luna Class! It's time to go check the system yourselves! Fight for Glory!