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【Event】Aniniversary 7 Day Thank you Gifts

【Period】2020/05/06 (Wed) 00:00


From 05/06, we will reveal an exchange code every day! There are 7 codes in total.

The codes will be available until 2020/05/31 (Sun) 23:59 GMT+8. Don't forget to check the Event post every day for the code! :) 


  • 05/06:GWD45ZYK3245
  • 05/07:GWDMWTE35DU
  • 05/08:GWDkXivktnU
  • 05/09:GWDKDJBrrwn
  • 05/10:GWDz3VylpVJ
  • 05/11:GWDWmbyySnw
  • 05/12:GWD29W1OYTu

【Code Exchange Link】


【Event】Anniversary Slot Machine 

【Period】2020/05/06 (Wed) 00:00 - 2020/05/12 (Tue) 23:59 GMT+8


  • Anniversary Slot Machine available during Event time. 

  • Each account can pull the slot machine 5 times every day. Reset time: 00:00 GMT+8

  • Five Chips are given for each draw. It will be reset every day.

  • The rewards will be sent to the mailbox directly. 

【Reward List】

  • Diamond x500

  • Diamond x20

  • Skill Elf x1

  • SSR Summon x1

  • 5 Star Gear Evolver x1

  • 1 Star Gear Evolver x3

  • Arcane Dust x5000

  • Arcane Dust x1000

  • Spirit Shard x500

  • Medal x1000

  • Energy x100

  • Key of Trials x5

【Link】 Anniversary Slot Machine


【Event】20200506 Bundle Discount

【Period】2020/05/06 (Wed) 16:00 - 2020/05/13 (Wed) 16:00


Novice Bundle (Double Rubies during Event time)

  • Price: USD 15
  • Purchase Limit: once daily
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x990
    2. Energy x200
    3. UR Summon x2
    4. Ruby x10

CNY Diamond Bundle (Double Rubies during Event time)

  • Price: USD 100
  • Purchase Limit: 1
  • Content: 
    1. Diamond x7500
    2. Ruby x70

Awaken Bundle (Double Rubies during Event time)

  • Price: USD 15
  • Purchase Limit: 3
  • Content: 
    1. Token of Compassion x240
    2. Token of Valor x240
    3. Token of Justice x240
    4. Token of Spirituality x240
    5. Token of Sacrifice x240
    6. Token of Wisdom
    7. Ruby x10

Awakend SSR Kaylia Artifacts Bundle

  • Price: USD 100
  • Purchase Limit: 1
  • Content: 
    1. Awakend SSR Kaylia x1
    2. 1★ Awakend SSR Kaylia Artifacts x1
    3. Ruby x35
  • Note: SSR Kaylia can't use "R" Kaylia for skill level up.  

Awakend SSR Marian Artifacts Bundle

  • Price: USD 100
  • Purchase Limit: 1
  • Content: 
    1. Awakend SSR Marian x1
    2. 1★ Awakend SSR Marian Artifacts x1
    3. Ruby x35
  • Note: SSR Marian can't use "R" Marian for skill level up. 

【Event】Anniversary Purchase Reward 

【Event Period】2020/05/06 (Wed) 16:00 - 2020/05/13 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8

【Participants】Players who top-up during the event time.

【Event Content】

1. Top up to Assigned Amount for Rewards.

Top up USD 



Diamond x100


Medal x1500


Keys of Trials x10


1 - 4★ Gear Evolver x1

  • Example: Player who Tup up USD 40 will receive all rewards.


  • Purchase rewards are additional bonus rewards which makes no influence on the value of the Bundle.  

  • Rewards will be sent in 7 workdays after event ends. Please claim the reward before the mail is expired. There will be no compensation if the rewards haven't been claimed in time. 

  • Purchase made out side of Event time will not be rewarded. 

  • Runewaker Entertainment is not responsible for lost data due to lag, connection issues, or crashes caused by unstable network.

  • Runewaker Entertainment reserves right to modify, cancel, terminate, or suspend the Event and its Complimentary content. Please refer to Official Website for the latest announcement. 

  • The Event can be postponed or cancelled due to Force majeure.

  • Matters not mentioned here will follow the regulation of the organizer. 

  • All participants are acknowledged as agreed with the latest announcement on Event Page and Official Website.