Luna Storia 2020/06/10 Events Events


【Event Title】Bi-weekly Challenge - Lioness Bastet

【Event Time】2020/06/10 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2020/06/23 (Tue) 19:00 GMT+0

【Participant】All Summoners

【Event Location】"Pantheon" > "Limited"

【Difficulty】I / II / III / IV


【Chllenge Bonus】

  • Hero Essence drop rate can be increased by possessing specific Heroes and completing higher difficulty levels.

【Ailuros Obtain】

  • Ranking Reward of Top 1-10, 88th, and 168th Summons.

  • The reward of Collecting total 2,000,000 scores

  • Chance to get Ailuros  from Challenge Event Trophy I - VIII

    • Challenge Event Trophy I - VIII: Use to receive "Challenge Event Summon Sphere Chest I - VIII" and "Ailuros  Sphere I - VIII"

    • Challenge Event Summon Sphere Chest I - VIII: Randomly gives Oasis of Death SSR Summon Sphere or Oasis of Death Summon Sphere. Chest with higher tiers has a higher chance to give SSR Summon Sphere. 

    • Ailuros Summon Sphere I - VIII: randomly gives Ailuros (SSR) or Bastet (SSR). Chest with higher tiers has a higher chance to give Ailuros.


【Event Title】2020/06/10 Radiant Gem Shop Update

【Event Time】2020/06/10 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2020/06/24 (Wed) Before Maintenance

【Participant】All Summoners

【Updated Hero List】


Hero List


Summer Party Nini










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