Last Valiant Blacksmith Challenge System


【Event】 Blacksmith Challenge

【Period】 2020/12/02 (Wed) 16:00 - 2020/12/16 (Wed) 16:00

【Location】 Gear>Enhance>Tier+

【Participants】Players who did Tier+ during the Event time. 


  • Spend Golds on Gear Tier Up, do your part to support Thyme and get the rewards as a token of gratitude. 

  • The total Gold spent on Gear Tier Up will be calculated from the whole server.

  • The reward is accumulated: Spend over 50 billion gold can receive all listed rewards. 

【Serverwide Reward】

  • Gold Consumption up to 3 billion: Arcane Dust x50K

  • Gold Consumption up to 5 billion: Chrono Runes x50K

  • Gold Consumption up to 10 billion: Medal x6K

  • Gold Consumption up to 20 billion: 1-5 star Gear Evolver x1, Skill Elf x1

Note: Reward will be sent to players who made contribution to Gold Consumption during the Event period. 

【Reward Delivery】 Rewards will be sent to players mailbox in 7 days after event ends.


  • Runewaker Entertainment is not responsible for lost data due to lag, connection issues, or crashes caused by the unstable network.

  • Runewaker Entertainment reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate, or suspend the Event and its Complimentary content. Please refer to the Official Website for the latest announcement. 

  • The Event can be postponed or canceled due to Force majeure.

  • Matters not mentioned here will follow the regulation of the organizer. 

  • All participants are acknowledged as agreed with the latest announcement on Event Page and Official Website.