Luna Storia: RE 2021/05/26 Pick Up Summon Events


【Event Title】2021/05/26 Pick Up Summon 

【Event Period】2021/05/26 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2021/06/09 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

【Event Content】

  • Summon Cost: Gem
  • Summon Bonus: 
    • The 1st 10x Summon: 50% off
    • The 2nd 10x Summon: 20% off
    • The 12th 10x Summon: Guarantee to receive "Ayda". 
  • Boosted Hero: 

    • Ayda: 1%

【Ayda Info】

    • Rarity: SSR
    • Element: Fire
      • Ultimate Skill: 
        • Star Flash: Ayda flies to designated tile and inflicts 4.5x ATK Magical Damage to enemy in adjacent right tile and 3x ATK Magical Damage to enemies in range. Then return to original tile. Self gain Increase 30% Evade for 1 round. 
      • Talent 1: 
        • Found Weakness: After each move, 25% chance to inflict Decrease 20% Defense for 1 Round to enemies in range.
      • Talent 2: 
        • Star Stockpile: 25% chance every Round to gain Increase 40% Chain Attack Chance for 1 Round
      • Talent 3: 
        • Squelch I: +20% Damage against Infantry

【Event Title】Archimedes Select Summon Pool 

【Event Period】2021/05/26 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2021/06/09 (Wed) Before Maintenance 

【Event Content】

  • Summon Cost: Archimedes Select Summon Ticket
  • Summon Bonus: 
    • The 5th Summon: Guarantee to receive "Zhuge Liang"
  • Hero List: 

    • Zhuge Liang
    • Ameilah
    • Wang Yuanji
    • Lancelot 


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