Last Valiant

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Awaken System System



Awaken System

A new method to make your Heroes even stronger. Obtain materials in Trials to awaken your Heroes!

Receive 6 attempts daily to enter the Trials. More entries can be purchased in the shop.



Awakened Heroes will gain a new appearance and a stats boost.

Also gain the ability to learn Skills from Heroes of the same rarity and class.

Note: Main story line Heroes cannot be awakened at this time.




  • Only SSR Heroes can be awakened.

  • Once Hero reaches six stars, Awaken can be accessed with the Awaken button.


  • There are three stages to Awaken, each requiring different materials.



  • Each Hero requires different types of materials.

  • Awaken Bonus:

    • Stage 1: Stats boost. Max level raised. Gain one Skill Set. Appearance change.

    • Stage 2: Stats boost. Max level raised.

    • Stage 3: Stats boost. Max level raised. Gain one Skill Set.

Skill Set

  • Once awakened, Skill button will appear.



  • At stage 1, players gain one Skill Set.

    • Along with original Skill Set, players will have 2 Skill Sets.

    • Aside from the original Skill Set, players can replace one skill in the Skill Set.

    • At stage 3, gain another Skill Set, which one skill can be replaced.



  (Additional Skill Set)



  (For each Skill Set, one Skill can be replaced) 


  • Skills can only be learned from the same rarity and class. Hero will be consumed.

  • Cannot learn Attack or Passive Ability

  • Learning Process:

    • Select Skill Set to modify. (Cannot be original Skill Set)

    • Select Skill to replace (Must be of the same Mana Cost)

    • Select Hero to consume

    • Confirm to consume Hero and replace Skill.

    • Newly learned Skill will be level 1.



  (Slect Skill to replace)


                                          (Select Hero to consume/Skill to learn)


  • Learned Skill can be forgotten without penalty.

  • Skill Sets can be changed without penalty.

  • Learned Skills can be leveled.

    • Select Skill Set with desired Skill to level.

    • Tap Setting Icon on Skill

    • Select Hero with same Skill.

    • Confirm to consume Hero and level up Skill.

    • Can't use Skill Elf 

Required Mateials for Each Class

- Knight: Token of Compassion (Pink), Token of Valor (Yellow), Token of Justice (Red)

- Warrior: Token of Spirituality (Green), Token of Valor (Yellow), Token of Sacrifice (Blue)

- Berserker: Token of Spirituality (Green), Token of Valor (Yellow), Token of Justice (Red)

- Assassin:Token of Spirituality (Green), Token of Valor (Yellow), Token of Sacrifice (Blue)

- Archer: Token of Compassion (Pink), Token of Justice (Red), Token of Wisdom (Orange)

- Gunner: Token of Sacrifice (Blue), Token of Wisdom (Orange),  Token of Valor (Yellow)

- Priest: Token of Wisdom (Orange), Token of Compassion (Pink), Token of Spirituality (Green)

  • Mage: Token of Wisdom (Orange), Token of Spirituality (Green), Token of Sacrifice (Blue)