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2022/04/20 Pick Up Summon Events


【Event】2022/04/20 Pick Up Summon

【Period】2022/04/20 (Wed) 16:00 - 2022/05/04 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8

【Location】Summon>Pick Up Summon


  • SSR Heroes: Jael, Ailano, Asher, Yuta

  • SSR Rate: 3%

【Hero Info】

  • Jael
    • Class: Assassin
      • Normal Attack
        • Unloading Heart: Inflict 100%/145%/210%/305%/445% ATK damage to enemies in front of you with 10% chance to inflict Sunder (-20% DEF) for 5 seconds. Can stack 5 times. Also inflict 180%/261%/378%/549%/801% ATK damage to enemies in range with 15%/18%/21%/24%/30% chance to inflict Placid (Cannot use normal attack) for 3 seconds. Target can be inflicted once every 3 seconds.
      • Skills:
        • Water Column: Summon water dragons, inflict 230%/334%/483%/702%/1024% ATK damage to enemies hit with 15%/18%/21%/24%/30% chance to inflict Hinder (-40% Accuracy, -40% Movement Speed, and -80% Evade) for 3 seconds. Also summon water column, inflicting 280%/406%/588%/854%/1246% ATK damage and Knockback to enemies hit.
        • Water Assault: Summon water assault, inflict 220%/319%/462%/671%/979% ATK damage to enemies hit with 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to inflict  Charm (Cannot use skills and -50% Accuracy) for 3 seconds. If target has Placid, inflict additional 240%/348%/504%/732%/1068% ATK damage with 50% chance to inflict Confuse (Cannot recover Mana or reduce Cooldown) for 3 seconds.
        • Fatal Passion: After activation, remove all debuffs and damage over time effects from self, repeatedly charge two enemies inflicting 840%/1218%/1764%/2562%/3738% ATK damage to enemies hit. Also inflict +100% Damage Taken but grant +100% Healing Received for 5/6/7/8/10 seconds to enemy. Cannot be debuffed.
      • Passive Skills: 
        • Withstand: When attacked, 20%/24%/28%/32%/40% chance to gain Withstand. Consume 10 Withstand and inflict 430%/624%/903%/1312%/1914% ATK damage and dispel all buffs from enemies in range. Also grant Invulnerability for 5 seconds to self. Can gain Withstand once every second.
      • Artifact: 
        • Charged Heart: When attacking, 5% chance to inflict 380% ATK damage and +30% Damage Taken for 3 seconds to enemies hit.
  • New Hero will be available in the general Hero Summon Pool 2 months later after the Event ends.


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