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Ruby Available System



Hello Warriors, 

Ruby will be obtainable in the Bundle/Packages purchased by cash after today's maintenance. 

Ruby can be used for "Ruby Shop" and "Ruby Summon Pool" coming soon in the future. 

- Ruby Shop: Rare items

- Ruby Summon Pool: Guarantee to get special SSR Heroes. (Nana, Lilorn excluded.) 

Players can click on the magnifier to see if the bundle includeds Ruby. 



We will add icon for bundles with Ruby for better recognation soon in the coming patch. 

Bundles which will not include Ruby: 

  • Diamond: 

    • A Few Gems

  • Specials: 

    • Newbie Hero Bundle

    • Neophyte Package

    • Hero's Package

    • Value Diamond Package

    • Super Diamond Package

    • Newbie Summon Bundle

    • Fast Bundle

  • Packages:

    • Daily Gems

    • 7 day Trail Package

    • 7 day Energy Package

  • Others: 

    • Double EXP (1D)

    • Double EXP (7D)


FYI: Summer Heroes will not be included in general Hero Summon Pool, but they will be available as Pick Up Summon in the future.