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World Boss - Demon Eyes (Re-open) Events


【Event】World Boss - Demon Eyes

【Period】2022/05/18 (Wed) After Maintenance - 2022/06/08 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8

【Location】Battle>World Boss

【Consumption】World Boss Key. (Gain 1 every 2 hours, with a capacity of 10.)


  • Boss rank will increase every time player defeats Duin

  • Duin' difficulty is increased by rank.

  • Rank 21 - 25 available with a higher score when completed. The rewards are the same as rank 20. 


  • Highest Damage in Single Stage

  • Highest Accumulated Damage


  • Ranking Reward

  • Participation Reward


1. Badge of Valor will be reset a week later after World Boss Stage is closed.

2. World Boss Shop will be closed a week later after the World Boss Stage is closed.

【World Boss Shop】World Boss Shop Price Info

【Stage Info】

  • Demon Eyes Immunities: 
    • 100% immune: 
      • Daze
      • Paralyze
      • Blind
      • Silence
      • Disarm
      • Weaken
      • Attack Reduction
      • Damage Taken Increase
  • Demon Eyes attacks will also inflict Debuffs and Bleed.
  • Periodically it will wrap its enemies into presents and inflict a curse. If the enemy is not rescued quickly, a large explosion will occur.
  • If Demon Eyes does not engage in melee combat, after a while it will become depressed, and rage strike all enemies.
  • When Demon Eyes receives Critical Damage, It will receive a Barrier Effect which grants Defense Up bonuses to Demon Eyes. Using Frost can counter the Barrier Effect. Using Freeze can help to calm down Demon Eyes, reducing the debuffs it inflicts.