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Guild Raid System System


【Basic Info】

  • Guld Raid Quest is available in Guild > Summon

  • Flarestone is obtainable from Battle>Adventure stages and used for the contribution to the gulids. 


【Raid Quest】

  • All Guild members are able to join the Guild Quest in "Guild system". If you ever left the Guild, there will be 8 hours cooldown before you can participate another Raid Quest in the new Guild. 

  • Guild Leader and Captain can start Guild Raid Quest with 350 Flarestone. There will only be one Raid Quest available at the time. 

  • There are 7 difficulties available for each Boss. Players can choose the difficulty which suits your Rating. Difficulty level will make influence on the amount of rewarded Riftstones. 

  • When the quest is available, each member can challenge only once on the same quest. Riftstones will be given no matter being failed or succeed based on the damage contribution.  


  • You can always spend antoher 350 Flarestones to start a new Guild Raid Quest. 


  • Guild Memeber can go "Lobby>Foundry" to get rewards with Riftstones. 

  • Spending Riftstones can get one reward from the 16 slots randomly. 

  • Each item has individual exchange limit. You will not get the item once it reaches the max exchange amount. 

  • Rewards will be reset when all listed items are claimed. Players can also spend diamonds to reset the available rewards immediately.