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2021/01/20 Pick Up Summon Events


【Event】2021/01/20 Pick Up Summon

【Location】Summon>Pick Up Summon

【Period】2021/01/20 (Wed) 16:00 - 2021/02/03 (Wed) 16:00 GMT+8


  • SSR Heroes: Zimo, Kojiro, Doris, Bee

  • SSR Rate: 3%

【Hero Details】

  • Zimo

    • Class: Mage

      • Normal Attack: 
        • Magic Bombs: Inflict 100%/145%/210%/305%/445% ATK damage to enemy with 10% chance to summon 3 magic bombs on 1 random enemy. Each magic bombs inflicts 140%/203%/294%/427%/623% ATK damage and -20% Mana Regeneration for 5 seconds. Can stack 5 times. Also, 30% chance to inflict Silence (Cannot use skills) for 3 seconds. If target already has Silence, then 50% chance to inflict Charm (Cannot use skills and -50% Accuracy) for 3 seconds.
      • Skills: 
        • Magic Gems: Summon Mana Shards. Upon hit, inflict 220%/319%/462%/671%/979% ATK damage to enemies in range with 20% chance to inflict Silence (Cannot use skills) for 3 seconds. When Mana Shards hit, 20% chance to Transfer 0.2/0.22/0.24/0.27/0.30 Mana from enemy to 1 random ally.
        • Magic Barrier: Team gains Magic Barrier for 5 seconds. Magic Barrier grants +25%/30%/35%/40%/50% Mana Regeneration, -25%/30%/35%/40%/50% Damage received, and when attacked, inflict 200%/290%/420%/610%/890% ATK damage to attacker. Also 20%/22%/24%/27%/30% chance to transfer 0.5 mana from attacker to random ally. Magic Barrier also removes all debuffs every second.
        • Magic Concussion: Summon magic totem, attacking enemies in range. Each attack inflicts 350%/508%/735%/1068%/1558% ATK damage with 50% chance to inflict Daze for 1 second. If target has Silence, increase chance to 100%. After 3 seconds, totem explodes and inflicts 500%/725%/1050%/1525%/2225% ATK damage, Stasis (Cannot be Healed) and Hinder (-40% Accuracy, -40% Movement Speed, and -80% Evade) for 5 seconds to enemies in range. 
      • Passive Skill: 
        • Magic Through: When an enemy's health is below 65%, summon beam on enemy, with priority on healers. Beam inflicts 140%/203%/294%/427%/623% ATK damage and -10% Healing Power every second for 5 seconds to enemies in range. Can stack 5 times. This skill can be activated once every 10 seconds. Each time damage is dealt, if target has Silence, 15% chance to inflict Daze for 1 second.
      • Artifacts Skill: 
        • Purple Lotus: After 5 seconds, every 30 seconds, grant Lotus Protection for 15 seconds on weakest ally. If target is defeated with Lotus Protection active, immediately recover 50% HP and gain -35% Damage Received and +35% Healing Received for 5 seconds.
  • New Heroes will be available in the general Hero Summon Pool 3 months later after the Event ends.


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