Chrono Astrea Update Notice: Upcoming Features Events


Dear Summoners, 

It's been about 6 months since Chrono Astera is launched globally.   

Thank you all for being here and always willing to share your feedback and suggestion with us!   

We'd like to share some info about the upcoming features and optimization which will be released soon. 

  1. Labyrinth: 
    • New Labyrinth Boss is coming.
    • Labyrinth Bosses will appear in turns. There will only be one Boss available during each week.  
  2. Advent: 
    • Heroes will be adjusted to Level 240 when reached Stage Level 30. Difficulties will be determined by Stars, Gears, and Limit Break Level. 
    • Decrease the cooltime of Refresh and display the remain time. 
  3. World Boss: 
    • Automatically enter the next battle with the next team. Display the scroes when the three battles finished. 
    • Display effect tips for Boss Defeating Reward. 
  4. Iron Blood League: 
    • Top 30 Players will lose scroes when failed in Defense. 
    • Adjust the reward claim system. Details will be updated soon. 
  5. Hero Fable: 
    • Add Challenge mode in Hero's Fable with more challenging settings and better rewards.
    • Adjust the available challenge times and stage completing rewards. 
  6. Others:
    • iOS crash problem optimization.
    • Leveled Heroes be used as upgrade materials will give invested level up resources back. 
    • Quick level up by long pressing Level up button. 
    • Add Hero description in the Hero Shards in Shops. 
    • Chapter 41 and relevent quests.
    • Ruby Gacha Pool
  7. Conquest: 
    • Players can get materials of Gear crafting from Conquest, which has chance to get Rank A or S gears. 
    • Conquest will be a new content for Guilds. 
    • Conquest contains wider system design which needs more time for development. 


Stay tuned for the latets news! ;)